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G.M.T. Stands for "Gur Kaur Memorial Trust" and that with the humble and honest inalienable as well as irresistible maternal admirable esteem is considerably initiated to fulfill the cherished desire of a God - loving, simple, aspiring soul, bearing a great concern about children education, their success in life and fond love for the grand - children ..

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G.M.T Public School - Gur Kaur Memorial Trust

Sardarni Gur Kaur Thind

G.M.T. Stands for "Gur Kaur Memorial Trust".The Very pious spirit of the simple-hearted, dedicated and devotional esteemed soul ' Sardarni Gur Kaur Thind' is the inspiration and the backbone of this project which is pulsating with innocent smiles and stretching endlessly.
G.M.T Public School was established more than a decade ago with a vision to impart education to the children. The Campus sprawls in acres of land with spacious infrastructure, well - established and maintained Kindergarten, Spacious and airy Laboratories, Libraries, Computer Labs, Dispensary etc.